Development of marine drones, buoys and oceanographic sensors

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Vue aérienne du monodrone 1800

Monodrone 1300

Monodrone 1300 is a multi-mission, flexible shallow water. Unmanned Surface Vehicle and easy to transport and deploy.

Vue aérienne du monodrone 1800

Monodrone 1800

Monodrone 1800 is designed to probe areas that are difficult or complex to access in medium-deep water.

IMSolution présente le monodrone marin 3000

Monodrone 3000

Monodrone 3000 is a rugged, multi-mission, flexible, shallow water USV, design for complex coastal environments and harsh conditions.

Vue aérienne du monodrone 1800

Monodrone 6800

Monodrone 6800 is the latest addition to our USV fleet and is designed for offshore conditions.

About us

IMSolutions specializes in marine robotics and is established in the environmental field, water monitoring, hydrography, survey, renewable energies and marine geosciences.

Why a marin drone ?

Staff safety

Simple to deploy

Decrease in mission costs

Repeatability and precision

Environmental measures difficult to access