DRONE 1300

Autonomous surface drone

MARINE DRONE 1300 is a multi-mission, flexible shallow

Water (up to less than 10cm) Unmanned Surface Vehicle and easy to transport and deploy.

MARINE DRONE 1300 is a very versatile multi-sensor (ADCP, single beam, environmental sensor) autonomous surface platform. Delivered with a backpack, the MONODRONE 1300 is very easy to deploy in the most difficult to access areas. He can support up to 28kg of payload.    

THE MARINE DRONE 1300 endurance is more than 3 hours at 1.2ms depending on the weather conditions.

The hydrodynamic shape design of MONODRONE 1300 induce a stable platform for the survey and thereby delivers high-quality data.

An autonomous boat that can sail precisely in accordance with pre-programed mission planning. A cutting edge technology which make the survey safe an affordable with a diversity of applications, all the while maintaining the highest standards of data quality.


THE MARINE DRONE 1300 is an accessible, easy-to-deploy technology that keeps operators safe.  

Technical specifications / Drone 1300


  • Length : 1,30m
  • Width : 0,66m
  • Air draft: 0,30m
  • Draught : 0,15m
  • Weight : 19kg
  • Payload : 6kg
  • Moonpool : 250x200mm


  • Speed (max) : 2,3 m.s
  • Speed (survey) : 1,3 m.s
  • Propulsion : 2 brushless motors

Power system

  • Battery : Lith-Ion 1,2 kWh
  • Endurance : 3h à 1.2 m.s
  • Charging time : 1h
  • Survey Power : 312 Wh


  • Radio RC (remote control) : 800m range 5 GHz
  • Autopilot : Mission planning, automatic waypoint navigation, real time feedback
  • Telemetry : Tri-band telemetry 2,4/5 GHz / LTE

IT options

  • Rugged PC : Rugged computer
  • Navigation software : Compliant with all hydrographic solutions

Storage and transport options

  • Launch and recoverysystem : Back pack

Positioning Equipment

  • GNSS receiver L1/L2 and compass : RKT, L1/L2 frequencymulti-constellation, 0.2° Heading
  • NTRIP modem in option
  • IMU in option
  • Datalogger in option

(can be installed on demand)

  • Echo soundersingle beam, CTD, SVS,  environmental sensors

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